Patent Illustrations engraved, shipped, and treasured
Prior Art

Prior Art offers illustrations from the US Patent and Trademark Office, engraved in copper, aluminum, or brass. We don't keep stock or have a catalog - every order we ship is cutsom made, from your choice of over seven million patents.


Patent Illustrations can seem cold, often boring, clinical. That is, until you really look at one. Technically, the purpose of patent art is to communicate as much information as possible, clearly and impersonally - but we argue that patent illustrations are fundamentally personal. A patent can't exist without some spark of creativity, a moment of inspiration that brings a new invention to the world.

At Prior Art, our mission is to share that spirit of invention. We know that a patent filing can be more than a bit of paperwork filed away in a faceless bureaucracy. It can be a work of art in its own right - evidence of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Simply put, we think patent art is beautiful.

Sample Patent Illustration

So go explore! When you've found an invention that calls to you we'll be here, ready and waiting to engrave your treasure.