Patent Illustrations engraved, shipped, and treasured
Prior Art

How to order a Prior Art custom engraving:

Every Prior Art engraving is made custom to order. Instead of maintaining a limited catalog, we offer you the entire legacy of American invention. You search the USPTO database for an illustration you love, and we take it from there.

The United States Patent And Trademark Office keeps records of every patent application that's ever been filed, complete with beautiful illustrations. Thanks to the recent release of Google Patents, this vast database is now easy (and fun!) to search.

Building an order with us is a straightforward process. Using the search field below, find a patent filing that appeals to you. All that we need to get started is that filing's name, patent number, and the figure number of whichever illustration you want engraved. When we receive your order, we arrange the elements you've selected into a pleasing layout, and engrave that image directly into the metal of your choice unsing an industrial grade diamond. If you'd like, we can even reproduce a full page, complete with all of the original text.

Our order form has a variety of options to customize your engraving, but the only important details are the patent and figure numbers. As an example, here is patent #2,239,046: W. R. Lloyd's Scoop for Ice Cream and the Like:


Patent #2,239,046 As you can see, patent filings are generally pretty clear. The patent number is right at the top of the page, and each drawing is individually labelled. That being said, no system is 100% foolproof. If you find any omissions or errors, if anything is unclear, or if you have questions of any kind, feel free to contact us. Our phone number and email address are listed at the bottom of every page on this site.

So go ahead and get started! The search box below will open a Google Patent search in a new window.